Meet our Team

Everlast Studios is a small team of professional photographers, videographers and editors who are passionate about capturing your wedding day professionally while keep our style natural.
Having won the ABIA (Australian Bridal Industry Awards) of QLD’s Best Wedding photographer and listed on their website blog as QLD’s number ONE was a massive high point for all of us.

Here is a little bit about us….

Lauren Toth - Everlast Studios

Lauren - Studio Owner/ Photographer/ Videographer/ story teller

Lauren will most probably be your first point of contact. Lauren loves talking all things weddings and will work with you to help design the perfect photography and/or video packages that captures exactly what you want.

Lauren is our Lead photographer, She is also a videographer and looks after the storytelling when it comes to our video editing.

“ I have been a photographer since 2011 and capturing weddings since 2013. I have been capturing video since about 2014. I started in Landscape photography. Having many images printed in magazines and dabbling in real estate photography but weddings and portraits is where my passion is. There is nothing quite like the feeling when you can look at one single image and recreate the emotion and the story from that split second.

My other passion lays in the story telling with video, watching through a couples speeches, letter reading’s, interview questions, personal vows and pulling together an emotive story to music and images from the day is something I really love to do”

5 things you love (Other then photography/ videography): Coffee, my dog, my family, camping and the beach.

Peter Toth - Everlast Studios

Peter - Studio Owner/ Videographer/ Photographer/ tech guru

Peter has a love of 3 things - Coffee, Camera’s and of course his wife, Lauren! (Not necessarily in that order)
We refer to Peter as the ‘tech guy’ He is always up to date on the latest camera equipment and audio gear. Peter has a real passion for video and is a lighting expert. He will always help provide you with lots of tips on how to get the best footage we can for your special day.

Peter is our lead videographer, He is also a photographer and has a real passion for creating amazing images with off camera lighting.

Peter has been a Videographer since about 2012, in that time he has captured a few hundred weddings along with many business promotional video’s and events. Peter also does some filming for the Offroad adventure show on channel Ten.

5 things you love (Other then photography/ videography): Coffee, Camping, 4wdriving, playing the guitar, traveling, did I mention Coffee?

Andrew - Everlast Studios

Andrew - Videographer/ photographer

Andrew is a videographer and a photographer. He is a real asset to the team. He has amazing skills on the steady cam/ gimbal (which is where we get those really steady moving shots in our videos).
He also has a background in photography and takes amazing photos. Andrew mostly shoots on Nikons top of the line gear.

Andrew has been a photographer/ videographer for a number of years and has lots of experience in weddings, but also in working with corporate clients and real estate agents. He also creates a lot of content for Citipointe Church in Brisbane.

Eric - Everlast Studios

Eric - Photographer

Eric is such a down to earth, friendly guy. When photographing weddings, he is amazing at capturing the ‘little’ but big things like when mum or dad shed a tear during your vows or the candid moments that may otherwise go un-noticed.

Eric mostly shoots on Canons top of the line cameras and loves to set up some flashes off camera and create some beautiful images with some creative lighting. He is one of Brisbane’s best wedding photographers.

We love Eric’s character and genuine personality and know that you will too!

Kate - Everlast Studios

KATE - Photographer

Kate is the type of person who just ‘blends’ in. She makes friends fast and no doubt by the end of the wedding day, you will feel like you just had your best friend capture your photos.

Kate has a personality who gets on really great with everyone, she funny, friendly and having recently got married herself really knows what parts of the day are important for photos and what parts you need to just take it all in.

Kate has amazing skills at rounding up big groups and families for group photos. We love Kate’s outgoing nature and her creativeness in the images she captures.

Sam - Everlast Studios

SAM - Photographer

Sam has been a photographer forever! Sam has an amazing eye for detail - things like making sure your dress, your veil, your suit tie is sitting straight. She is so passionate about wedding’s. She is very much a ‘behind the scenes’ type person and will almost capture a whole day without you knowing she’s there. But don’t worry, her photo’s say otherwise! :)
However, Sam does has a weakness…. and that is for Wedding Cake! She Loooooves wedding cake (We think this might be the real reason she became a wedding photographer!).

Sam has the most beautiful personality and she is a true asset to the team, she has a heart for other people and making sure no moments go missed.


Here are a few candid photo’s of us - some are a bit fun and crazy, some are at award nights, some at wedding’s, some with other vendors. We all love the opportunity to take a good selfie (Some of us more then others!)

To get to know us better, we’d love to hear from you and organise a time to meet in person!