Fun Brisbane Wedding Ceremony Video

Your Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day so make sure you talk to your celebrant about exactly what you want included in your ceremony. Once your wedding ceremony finishes, it’s time to celebrate!
As Brisbane Wedding Videographers, we capture your wedding ceremony in full from when the Bride walks down the aisle to when you walk back down the aisle married.

One of our favourite parts of the wedding day, is the moment the ceremony finishes and you walk down the aisle and it clicks that you are now a husband and wife :)

We love to video all these moments on your wedding day including your family friends congratulating you. It’s really important to allow this time after the ceremony and not rush off right away for your wedding photos.

Here is a short video we put together from many Brisbane Wedding’s we have captured on video with so many couples having fun as they exit their wedding ceremony.

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